Appetisers/Finger Food

Shami Kebab

Traditional style succulent minced lamb cooked with lentils and whole spices

Mutton Shikhampur

Tender Mutton kebabs from the kitchens of Hyderabad with a filling of hung yoghurt and green chillies and cooked on slow flame

Main Course

Tamate Ka Kut

Classic Hyderabadi dish with a rich tomato gravy, mild tempered spices and served with boiled eggs. Our suggestion - Tastes best with steamed rice

Mutton Dalcha

Age old recipe of mutton gravy cooked in whole garam masalas and mixed with bottle gourd {Kaddu} and lentils

Chicken/Mutton Khorma

Smooth gravy of roasted whole spices and cashews, infused with rich flavours, Our suggestion - Savour it with rice or naan

Kairi Ka Dopayaza

Tangy lamb meat preparation cooked with raw mangoes in a silky onion gravy

Semi Dry - Non Veg

Mutton Roast

Mutton simmered in a semi-dry gravy of freshly ground aromatic spices topped with steamed veggies, grated cheese and boiled eggs

Chicken Roast

Chicken simmered in a semi-dry gravy of freshly ground aromatic spices topped with steamed veggies, grated cheese and boiled eggs

Dum Ka Murgh

A gem from the kitchens of Hyderabad - Chicken marinated leisurely in a host of spices along with cashews, raisins and fried onions blended into a paste slow cooked in Hyderabadi 'dum' style

Dum Ki Rann

Lamb leg covered in a thick layer of marination and slow cooked in mild spices



Rice kheer flavoured with cardamom and cashews

Zafrani Badam Kheer

Rice and creamy kheer filled with the goodness of almonds and cashews with flavours of saffron from Iran.

Qubani ka meetha

Pride of Hyderabad - Golden and scrumptious dried apricot compote garnished with whipped cream

Fruit Custard

Creamy custard with seasonal fruits

Sheer Khorma

Vermicelli dessert rich in dry fruits and nuts with delicate aromas from cardamom and desi ghee *Highly recommended

Signature Dishes


Wheat and mutton pounded together for 6-8 hours to make a deliciously thick stew and garnaished with fried caramelized onions, lime and desi ghee


A popular Arabic dish of slow cooked lamb, Roasted almonds and saffron

Fish Salad

Fish { Marrel } Packed with veggies and fruits in a creamy mayonnaise dressing. Best served chilled

Badam Ka Kund

Traditional Hyderabadi dessert rich in almonds and delicate flavours of saffron slow cooked for 8 hours

Terms And Conditions

  1. Minimum order of 10 people
  2. Maximum order of 50 people
  3. Order should be placed 2 days prior to the event
  4. Incase of any allergies, please inform our team while placing the order
  5. Payment to be made  at time of pickup of the order
  6. All prices above are for a minimum 10-12 people
  7. Price may be changed without prior notice.