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Khassa by Shahnoor Jehan is a bespoke catering service bringing authentic flavours of Hyderabadi Cuisine to your table.Exploring the lengths and breadths of Hyderabadi cuisine is Home chef Shahnoor Jehan, who brings back ancient relics dating back to over 100 years in the form of signature gourmet compositions. KHASSA means cooked food in old Hyderabadi and this cooking venture does justice to every bit of this word. The brand aims to cater food.

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Home Chef Shahnoor Jehan’s story

She loves to cook. And she loves to serve. For Home Chef Shahnoor Jehan, that defines her passion for Hyderabadi cooking.

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Quality Ingredients, Tasty Food

Our menu includes popular edits like Haleem, Rann Ghosht, Kairi ka Dopayaza and the famous Fish Salad. After a scrumptious main course, the menu serves up equally delectable sweet offerings such as Badam ka Khund, Sheer Khorma and Qubani ka Meetha.


What our guests say...

Rani Indira Devi Dhanrajgir
of Gyanbagh Palace

Nawab Shahzadi and I were attached to one another like sisters and our families have known each other for three generations. Nawab Ahmed Baig Chacha’s father was Nawab Shazore jung. Begum Shazore jung was Nawab Nasir Nawaz-ud-Daula’s sister. My father and Nawab Ahmed Baig were thick friends and were very close to Salar Jung III who was my father’s classmate. Years later, I entered the Rajbhavan for the first time with my father during the same time that Nehru visited Hyderabad after police action. It was not Rajbhavan for me but rather the Shah Manzil which belong to Shazore Jung once. I immediately remembered my beautiful Faiq Nawab Shahzadi.

- Arundati Rao
Owner at Escapades Culinary Studio

Ask a true blue Hyderabadi and they will tell you the best food is to be had at someone’s home. But where does one find untouched by commercial elements traditional food? Here is where Khassa by Shahnoor steps in. Well preserved recipes, mixed Shahnoor’s passion to showcase this cuisine dictates the menu. Food with stories to tell is the best kind there is.

- Swati Sucharita
Former Features editor at Times of India

Mutton Roast was again a masterpiece, with the lamb moist & soft (off the bone) and the sauce was to die for, with plenty of sauce, grilled vegetables (baby potatoes & cauliflower & carrots) ..Quzi was THE signature special, slow roasted lamb (about 8 hours) garnished with roasted almonds, raisins & mishris! Zafrani Badam Kheer was the perfect way to a very   fabulous dinner.Kudos to Shahnoor Jehan & her family for their unique brand of warm Hyderabadi hospitality.

- Sankalp Vishnu
Author and Food Critic

I always believed that the true traditional Hyderabadi cuisine existed in those select few families of Hyderabad and those exclusive catering services. Today once again proved correct, i was recently introduced to                                Khassa by Chef(Home) Shahnoor Jehan. I would like to mention two of my favourites from the menu – Dum ka Murgh that was like nothing I had before with an amazing flavour and subtle smokey aroma to it. Second, being the Zafrani Badam Kheer – the consistency and texture were so good that I couldn resist from having one more serving.

- Pallab De
Food Blogger

The Haleem by Shahnoor is amongst the best you’d get in the city. As is the luxuriant Badam ka Kund. However, Khaasa goes beyond the well known signatures and features some rare gems. The Mutton Roast, which was popular amongst the Hyderabadi aristocrats, is quite visibly influenced by European ingredients and cooking techniques. I enjoyed Quzi, Lamb slow roasted for 8 hours with almonds and raisins, arrived in Hyderabad with the Yemeni settlers.

- Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhari
Food Blogger

Dum ka Murgh, with its rich cashew gravy, was the other traditional dish
that stood out. Tamatar ka Kut and Dalcha were comfort food which I enjoyed
with steamed rice. And of course, the warm Sheer Korma at the end of the
meal was brilliant.

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Khassa by Shahnoor Jehan is a bespoke catering service bringing authentic flavours of Hyderabadi Cuisine to your table.